Jeep- Camel- and Trekkingsafaris in Egypt

Discover the Silence!

Situated between Baharia and Farafra  you find the White Desert . “Discovered” by a Swiss guy in the eighties, it has become one of the most famous places in the desert of Egypt. Since 2006 it is an officially “protected area”. Like ice blocks in an ocean the white rocks suddenly rise out of the sand. Within thousands of years the wind and the sand have formed marvellous sculptures of white chalk stone. Here you can step out of the “real world” and leave yourself to fantasy. Relax  your mind by watching the sculptures in the changing light of the day.

Take a few days time to explore this place by driving or walking. Make a journey through times by collecting stones, shells and petrified plants. Try to imagine how this places might have looked, when it was no desert but an an ocean or a big garden.

Catch the spirit of the universe by watching the clear sky and the Milky Way in the night. Or take a night walk under the full moon , who’s light  shines so bright, you don’t even need a torch lamp.

On the way to the White Desert you cross a lot of beautiful landscapes. The sand dunes of Abu Moharreg and Kerawin, Crystal Mountain, Wadis, big rocks of Al Agabat and the Magic Spring.


Southwest from Dakhla you find the Gilf Kebir. You can visit the swimmer in the desert and other caves with prehistoric paintings. Then take a ride through the Big Sandsea and go till Siwa.

Nowhere else in the Sahara you find such a lot of different shaped landscapes on a relatively small area as you do here in the “Sahara gharbiyya”, the Western Desert of Egypt..



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